As an experienced speaker, my team and I want to guarantee to provide two key things for your next event…

1. A great experience on stage —I’ve presented to audiences both large and small in a variety of different settings and contexts. As a presenter, I will use stories, comedy and humor to not only make a point but to keep your audience engaged and listening. They will leave with practical, applicable next steps to take with them beyond that session.

2. A great experience off stage —We know as a conference planner, there are a lot of details you have to manage and fire you have to put out. The speaker should be the last of your concerns, right? We’ve worked with event planners and colleges across the country and are frequently told that we were the easiest/most low maintenance speaker they’ve ever worked with.

What Others Are Saying 

"Jonathan's presentation, which focuses on key strategies including how to market yourself, lead movements and build important social relationships, gives student-athletes the resources they need to begin planning for success as college graduates.
I believe that all collegiate athletes would significantly benefit from hearing Jonathan's presentation and I highly recommend him!"

John Fougere
VP of Strategic Communications
William Woods University

Jonathan was a speaker at a summit we hosted on athlete mental health. It was a pleasure to have him as a part of our line up. He led a fireside chat with another speaker on the topic of destigmatizing mental health in sports. The conversation was insightful, open and honest. I was thrilled to have him involved, and thought he did a great job leading an intentional conversation on the topic. I hope he can be a part of events we hold in the future! 

Danielle Berman 
 Founder of Tackle What’s Next 

It was very engaging and educational. I enjoyed learning different techniques to support and help my student-athletes develop beyond their sport. Great session Jonathan!

Alexis Dodd
Student-Athlete Support Services (SASS) at Southern Illinois University

"Jonathan has incredible energy and a positive message that was well-communicated - even via Zoom. We were fortunate to include him in our webinar series and look forward to continuing to partner with him in the future. I highly recommend providing your student-athletes with the opportunity to meet with Jonathan." 

 Kirsten Ford
Associate Commissioner
Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference

His presentation was very engaging as he knew how to catch his audiences’ attention and provide insightful information on development for student-athletes. There is no questioning about his “why” for athlete development and I know he has a bright future ahead being a game changer in the industry, to impact lives of so many people!"

Haley Majors
Academic Coordinator at University of Colorado Boulder

His well-informed presentation left me inspired to think about creating a podcast myself and also encourage our athletes to do the same. All student-athletes can benefit from Jonathan’s programming no matter what stage they are at. 

Dr. Derick Ford
Learning Specialist
Louisiana State University

“I just witnessed one of the best speeches that I have ever seen by mister Jonathan Jones. It was a speech that inspired our students to do better, to be better, and to be someone who is destined for greatness.”

Dr. Kimberly Scott
Southern University and A & M College

"He was engaging and energetic while using relevant, popular references (like Drake) to further create an inviting and collaborative discussion."

Katie Pietzold
Learning Specialists
Utah State University

"Mr. Jones has the unique way to connect with students and keep them connected as he presented his keynote speech at our New Student Athlete Orientation. He not only taught our student athletes, but I also took away something that I will place in my toolbox."

Daniel Hamlet
Life Skills Coordinator for Student Athletes at University of Rhode Island

"Jonathan is an impactful and engaging speaker. His commitment to the holistic development of student-athletes drives the work that he does. Mr. Jones was an absolute pleasure to have join our student athlete body to discuss mental health in a way that allowed our students to be vulnerable, and walk away with tangible strategies moving forward. Thank you for taking the time to impact our students."

Ahmad Boyd
Assistant Director, Career Enhancement & Employer Relations at Northwestern University 

" I loved the analogies and I enjoyed how the language of the presentation was crafted in a way that makes it easily digestible for a population like college students. Keep up the outstanding work!"

Jasmin Wooten
Assistant Student-Athlete Enhancement Coordinator at University Athletic Association Inc

" After introducing himself and digging deeper into the needs of our student-athletes, he created an interactive and captivating program that helped inspire our student-athletes to strive for success not only in athletics, but also in future professions. By using personal examples and being vulnerable with our student-athletes, he was able to connect with us on a deeper level, allowing student-athletes to truly feel safe to ask questions and bring up concerns during the program. I would definitely recommend Jonathon if you are looking for an outgoing, impactful speaker who is able to connect to a diverse group of student-athletes."

Grace Powderly
Biology: Biomedical Sciences Student at Southeast Missouri State University

"Jonathan is an impactful speaker and has demonstrated his commitment for creating an ideal environment for student-athlete's to thrive in all phases of their career. His methods are relatable, tangible, and will leave a lasting impression on any audience. Jonathan's servant leadership is admirable and anyone that attends his workshops will walk-away from it with the means to improve themselves and accomplish their goals."

Erica Hanserd
John McLendon Leadership Initiative - Future Leader - at University of Kentucky

"Jonathan's presentation at the BSA Summit was filled with powerful essentials relevant to student-athletes & administrators. His "Who's In Your Boat" analogy is a fresh look at how important it is to surround ourselves with a diverse core of trustworthy people. "

Tara Gibson
Technical Support Engineer at Synergy Sports 

"Howard U. SAAC just hosted him as a panelist at our Guys Talk event. Jones was able to provide helpful advice and share his own experiences, of how he deals with the societal pressures that are put on black men, especially in this climate of high racial injustice and police brutality. Our young men were able to connect and find a safe space to discuss various vulnerable topics. If you're looking for a motivational speaker, who is able to communicate on various levels, speak eloquently, and show their passion for helping young people, Mr. Jones is your guy. "

Tiffany Hunt
Howard University's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee's 2020-2021 President

"Had Jonathan speak to all athletes at Southern Illinois University as part of our inaugural Mental Health Awareness Week and it was an absolute pleasure to have him speak and be apart of what was such a successful week. Jonathan inspired success and inner thinking within all involved and was great to have him apart of something so special!"

Jack Colquhoun 
Leader of Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

"He is an extremely dynamic individual and it would bode well for any athletic department or former/current student-athlete, Black Student-Athlete especially, to engage with this brother because he has unyielding wisdom that would get anyone to the next level."

Chase Moore 
CBCF Fellow  in U.S. House of Representatives

"Podcasting for Players allows institutions to provide their scholar athletes the ability to learn a new skill while having a tangible product to carry with them beyond their collegiate careers. Podcasting for Players outlines all you need to know to start and monetize a podcast. It also provides student-athletes the ability to take ownership of their NIL opportunities."

 Paige Diggs, JD, MBA
Assistant Athletics Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Director, 5th Quarter Program, and Administrator for Name Image and Likeness 
WVU Football at West Virginia University

“Jonathan did a really good speaking to our team this season. I was impressed at how he arrived early, was well dressed, and had a good message to our team. I’m glad we were able to have him out and think it would be a good experience for other sports teams or young professionals.”

Daniel Cherbonnier
University of Tulsa Men's Soccer

“Jonathan was really prepared and came with a great message for our guys. Not only was he able to keep their attention but he was also able to motivate and kickstart a great week. We won two big games and you could tell our boys really hung onto his words.”

Corey Johnson
Head Coach
Waxahachie HS

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